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Are you kidding me!?!? What to like there? This i...ot doesn't know if he still alive, where he is now and why. Even totally brainless Kamala looks smarter. On the other hands, over 70 million people voted for him. So much truth in old saying - People deserved their rulers...

Kevin. Massachusetts


So, who is better?  Tramp? Get the life! Guy doesn't even know when to shut his mouth. I hate "do my way or else" people. He think he knows everything. He doesn't! I wish he would at list listens some smart people surrounding him. That's why he douse not qualify to be the president. And never will.

Anna. Florida

​                             *******************

Tramp was the very first President who brought some common cense into White House. To list a few accomplishments: Reduced Taxes, Confronted China and saved billions, Stimulated Economy, Reduced Inflation, Surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia in oil production, Reduced drug prices by permitting import from Canada, Legalized CBD and Hemp, etc., etc. And my favorite - Made cruelty to animal - Federal Crime!

Mathew. Ohio


I think Biden care about people more than all republicans put together. I'll vote for Biden!

Tony. Massachusetts 


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Here are your latest posts:

Our President Joe Biden is the best fit for these difficult times in our history. Who would do better in fighting Covid-19? Who would care and do so much to address Global Warming around the World? Who united the World in fight with Russia and help Ukraine people to defend home land? The list is going on and on... Thank you Mr. President!

Bill. New York 

I wonder who is the next best in 2024? The best proof that we are in global worming. So much fog everywhere that we can't see the best in the crowd... Biden again? O, No... Tramp? Got forbid! Probably, the best qualified is Pence. But he doesn't stand a chance. People...

James. California

It is so FINANCIALLY beneficial to become a President on the United State of America! All of them start with around 1million dollars of net worth. And here their net worth today:

George H. W. Bush ~ $25mil., Bill Clinton ~ $280mil., George W. Bush ~ $50mil., Barack Obama ~ $70mil., Joe Biden - currently ~ $58mil., (plus Hunter Biden ~$285mil). Considering over $400,000 annual pension and other perks, It's really smart business decision for all of them to to run for presidency. 

Except for one - Donald Trump. During his presidency, he lost more than ALL presidents before himgaincombined!                                     Trump lost over $700mil.!  Not too smart... 

Shirley Murphy, CPA

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