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By Dr. Alex G. Moyseev. Ph.D. 

Why we behave one way or another?
Why do we have certain habits?
Why do we like or dislike some food and beverages?
Why we sometimes act against common sense and logic?
Where our fears, destructive behavioral patterns and bad habits are coming from?

You probably know the answer to these and many other similar questions.
It all comes from our Mind.
But what is it? What is our Brain? Is it the same?

Despite enormous progress in research and latest technological advances, our brain is still vastly undiscovered world. However, what we already know about it permits us to use such knowledge to our advantage. Let us start with definition. Brain: part of the central nervous system located within the skull. It is consisting of a soft, convoluted mass of gray and white matter and serving as a primary receiver, organizer, and distributor of information for the body. It is also the seat of consciousness, thoughts, memory, emotions and more. In fact, our Brain is a command-and-control center for most body’s functions. And its primal responsibility is to assure that our body to survive for the longest period of time and we continue to exist as a species. Even before we born, our brain begins to function as the most important organ, with rapidly increasing capability to analyze environment and develop appropriate habits and behavioral patterns. As we grow, brain capacity grows, so grows our ability to store, analyze, systemize, and use upcoming information. This enormously complex System continues non-stop its development and self-perfection till the last day. On average, by age of 7-year-old our Brain is already have a core system of believes, (operating system) where, besides the Memory Bank, there are two major active components: Conscious and Subconscious (Unconscious) Minds. So, let us defy and outline functional purpose of Memory Bank, Conscious Mind, and Subconscious (Unconscious) Mind.

MEMORY BANK functions as an enormous, extremely sophisticated information library with a virtually unlimited storage capacity. Everything we ever seen, heard, felt, thought about and experienced is permanently stored in our Memory Bank. Every single moment of our entire life, while we are in conscious, is automatically registered in Short Term Memory pool and then goes through three stages: Sorting, Encoding, and Storing in Long Term Memory. This enables Conscious and Subconscious Minds instantaneously retrieve precisely information they requested for an immediate response to current situation or further analysis.

CONSCIOUS MIND. Despite the difficulty to defy Conscious Mind, many psychologists believe there is a broadly shared intuition about what it is all about and role it is playing in our lives. Consciousness is clear state of awareness of self and environment in which attention is focused on immediate matter with comprehensive analysis of interaction and potential consequences. Conscious Mind is responsible for interaction between our Mind in whole, the world around us and something within ourselves. There are number of other definitions pertain to Consciousness: awareness, subjectivity, sentience, wakefulness, sense of selfhood, alertness, comprehension, having thoughts, perception, etc., etc. If we are awaked and alert, Conscious Mind oversees making most of decisions related to our lives. Sometimes it does it instantaneously, and other times after long consideration and comprehensive analysis. That is why any decision is always based on comparison to previous experience (Memory Bank) and Subconscious (Unconscious) Mind’s System of Believes. In Sigmund Freud’s Theory of Personality, the Conscious Mind consists of everything inside our awareness. He also compared entire Mind with an iceberg, where Consciousness represents just a tip and Subconscious (Unconscious) Mind would be the massive and most important part.

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. In my humble opinion, nature created Subconscious Mind for one and only one purpose – to assure our SURVIVAL as individuals and as a species in any given environment. To be successful in implementing these tasks, Subconscious Mind creates, maintain and vigorously guard its own System of Believes. Every child is born with brain like a brand-new computer with no operating system. To survive the longest, we must develop some sort of mind structure which would assure our safety and stability by enforcing the safest body reaction on the similar internal and external stimulus. Such mind structure called the System of Believes. In the beginning, Subconscious Mind does not have any points of reference and developing its own System of Believes based on life experience and the Conscious Mind’s analysis. As we grow older, Subconscious Mind gets more and more assertive in acceptance of new concepts, and it defend established sets of believes more vigorously. Now, what are those believes? Believes are solid ideas about appropriate reactions stored in Subconscious Mind. It is a blueprints for the most beneficial and safest reactions on ever changing environment. Thus, every "spontaneous" reaction, every habit, every behavioral pattern, every emotion, all likes and dislikes is based on established Sets of Believes. Subconscious Mind is capable to process more than 2 billion bits of information per second to make comprehensive analysis and assure appropriate action.   It is worth to note that Subconscious Mind does not distinguish between good and bad, truth and lies or moral and immoral. Of course, in most cases goodness, truth and good morals are beneficial for survival and often are bases for beliefs, but it is only coincidental. If Subconscious Mind believe that eating many sweets or smoking cigarettes is good for your survival, you’ll always have a "sweet tooth" or enjoy smoking Tobacco. The same applies to the way we eat, drink, drive, study, walk, talk, " automatically" react on changes in surrounding environment, etc. All our habits and behavioral patterns are developed according to established System of Believes. For example: teenagers begin to smoke mostly because of established believe that survival benefits of acceptance to the group outweighs unpleasant taste and potential harms to the body.  As a result – creation of new, permanent believe that smoking is beneficial for survival. If not seriously challenged by Conscious Mind’s logic, conviction, or circumstances, believes in time will develop stronger roots which makes it much more difficult to change. Subconscious Mind has a very powerful enforcement mechanism to make sure we behave according to its System of Believe, even if sometimes it seems to be illogical, irrational or inappropriate. In essence, it is "Carrot and Stick" system. If we behave accordingly, we rewarded in form of positive emotions, muscles relaxation, production of dopamine and other "feel good" chemicals, hormones and stimulants. And vice versa, if we behave contrary to already established set of believes, we get punished in form of fears, negative emotions, anxiety and pains, which may even lead to development of chronic diseases. System of Believes created to maintain stability, thus increasing chances for survival as Subconscious Mind see it… All in the name of SURVIVAL. What if we consciously want to end our destructive behavior, get rid of bad habits, eliminate anxiety and unjustified fears, and make our lives overall healthier and more enjoyable? Is it possible to accomplish without much pain or struggle? As we already established, in order to modify destructive behavioral patterns and change undesirable reaction on environmental stimuluses, we must first deal with the established Sets of Believes.

Let us review the most common methods used to achieve positive results:

Affirmations.   Using affirmations is simple, affordable, powerful, but not in any stretch of imagination is easy one. In the nutshell, you repeat out loud, several times a day the sentence which declares desired set of belief as if it is already permanent part of you. It must be in present tense, like "I am a non- smoker", or "I am always calm under pressure", or "I like only beverages with no sugar in it", or " I love to exercise every day", etc. The best times to exercise Affirmation routine are first thing in the morning and just before the bedtime. Now, not so easy part. At first, Subconscious Mind will ignore it as insignificant and not worthy of its attention. As you continue your affirmation exercise, it begins to compare desired set of beliefs with well-established ones. Such comparison is never in favor of new behavioral pattern, with unproven benefits for surviving. So, to protect integrity and stability of the entire System of Beliefs, Subconscious Mind begins to vigorously reject and sabotaging any way it can the affirmation exercise. It manifests mostly in forms of thoughts like: "It’s never going to work…", "I look like a stupid parrot…", "This is ridiculous…", "I don’t see any difference…", and I have to try something else…", etc., as well as in some uncomfortable feelings and even pains. If you determined to see positive results and, despite these difficulties continue your affirmation exercise, after a while Subconscious Mind will begin to consider validity of the affirmation, its safety and potential benefits to the System. Finally, as a result of your determination and persistence, it accepts the new concept as a predominant belief suppresses old one with all its corresponding behavioral patterns and reprogram neurochemical reaction to environmental changes. The entire process may take days, weeks or even months, but if you are looking for positive changes in your behavioral patterns, it is worthy option.

Sudden willful change of the behavioral pattern.   This method, sometimes called "Cold Turkey", may bring rapid positive results. However, due to immediate strong reaction from Subconscious Mind, it is considered as the most difficult and painful one. Any behavior which contradicts existing Sets of Believes, Subconscious Mind considers as a threat to the System in whole and immediately activates the rejection process. So, if you consciously but suddenly do good things like quit smoking, start exercise, reduces consumption of fat and alcohol, stop nails biting, etc., your Subconscious Mind will resists to it with all its power because of these new, unproven habits and behaviors do not have established believes to base on. In essence, you immediately trigger "bloody" fight with yourself. In most cases Subconscious Mind wins. Out of all methods, changing Sets of Believes through sudden willful changes in the behavioral pattern is one of the fastest, but also the most difficult and painful. For that reason, rate of success of using this method is relatively low.

Psychotherapy.    Another way to change the behavioral pattern is go through psychotherapy, either in individual or group environment. This method is much less painful with virtually no straggle with yourself involved, but it requires strong desire to seek positive results, discipline and lots of patience to go through the entire program. Usually, it takes months or even years of psychotherapy to achieve desirable and permanent behavioral modification. It is an excellent option, but prolonged initial period with no visible changes and higher cost deters many people from using its great benefits.

Hypnotherapy.    It uses not so much scientifically researched method of direct communication with Subconscious Mind, bypassing logical, i.e., conscious mind to deliver desirable affirmations. Being in relaxed stage, Subconscious Mind has diminished capacity to analyze and compare upcoming affirmations, (new Sets of Believes) with established ones. There for, Subconscious Mind does not see it as a threat and accepts new, desirable Sets of Believes as more valuable for surviving than old ones and adjusts behavioral patterns accordingly. Sometimes, just one session is enough to quit smoking, stop bedwetting, reduce consumption of unhealthy food, eliminate fears, etc. One may ask: if Hypnotherapy method is so effective, affordable and producing quick positive results, why than individuals and medical professionals hesitant to use it more often? All of us, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and other medical professionals received training and practicing our craft based on our knowledge of scientific facts, research and development. One can become a great doctor by studying hard, have an adequate experience, constantly improving the skill and care about patients. Successful Hypnotherapy on the other hand is based on 20% of science and 80% of Healing Art. So, good hypnotherapist above and beyond medical knowledge must have that special talent and ability to connect with patient on different level. Due to enormous complexity of the mind, great deal of variance from individual to individual, and luck of adequate data about it, Hypnotherapy, being practiced for hundreds of years all over the world, is still considered as an Intuitive Healing Art rather than science. Not that many, even very talented psychologists, psychiatrists or other medical professionals can become a good Hypnotherapists. For instants, world renowned Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalyzes and brilliant psychologist, according to his colleagues, was not exactly a good hypnotherapist. To find a good hypnotherapist today is a real challenge. Above and beyond, due to misunderstanding of its nature and preconceived negative notions about it, many people reluctant to use such arguably the most effective behavioral modification method as Hypnotherapy.

CONCLUSION. Removing unwanted behavior or habit is never simple or easy task. And all the above methods can be instrumental in achieving desirable results. However, such removal along may create the "void" in the System. To maintain its integrity and stability, Subconscious Mind may fill such "void" with another, perhaps undesirable set of beliefs and corresponding behavioral pattern. For example: ex-drug addict may become a pathological gambler; ex-smoker begins to consume lots of food; former heavy alcohol drinker develops an anxiety disorder, etc.

So, any program which uses carefully crafted combination of above methods, demonstrates positive results without much straggle in a relatively short period of time, as well as replaces unwanted believes, habits and behaviors with beneficial ones, is bound to succeed.

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