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I think, currently medical science is in the stage of even below inception... We are not capable to correctly diagnose specific individual, just "most likely", based on statistics. But, there are no two humans who build exactly the same ever born in the history. Even tweens have differences. Here is some info I would like to share:

"On average human body contain about 37 Trillion(!) cells made up of around 200 different cell types, each with a unique structure, size, shape, and set of organelles. Every second we produce 3.8 Million, that is 222 Billion new cells a day, just to replace dead ones. In addition, our body contains, in average, between 10 and 100 Trillion(!) symbiotic microbial cells. That is beneficial living creatures... In addition, to organize and control most important functions of our body, like hart beats, breezing, taste, smell, vision, walking, talking, hearing, feels, memory, sleep cycle, etc., etc., our brain contains over 68 Billion neurons!How can we trust doctors if they don't know much?

Jane Banks. Florida

Always listen to your doctor - He/She invested so many years learning general body's functions and statistics. And always listen closely to your body. Your reaction on treatments and medications. Share it with your good doctor. Good doctor will listen and correct if need it. Good doctor.

Lev Krasnovsky. New York.


Are you kidding me?! 

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Here is My opinion:

I heard that smoking grass is very addictive. For me not at all. I can be without it for months and nothing happened. I think it's all different for different people. Probably and unfortunately you can't find if it addictive for you till you try. All people I know never get hooked on it. But be careful.


CBD is amazing! I sleep much better and my depression almost disappeared! Fills goood. Even my memory improved. Also my cat loves it. He had some problems with mood, (sometimes was a bit too aggressive), and now I giving him few drops of CBD and he is so calm and loveable. Two thumbs up!


I find that so call Time-restricted eating is the very best way to loose weight. At list for me. I simply don't eat anything from 8 P.M. till 10 A.M. Just water. And eat anything I want to as much as I want till 8 P.M. Lost 7lb in 2 weeks!  Try it.


Anybody knows how to get rid of eczema red spots on the face? I tried everything. 


Celebrities are in on the action. Jennifer Aniston champions CBD for reducing pain and stress. Mike Tyson has a line of CBD dog chews. And business is booming: around 1 in 7 adults in the US say they use products containing CBD, while in the UK a quarter of adults say they would try it and 1 in 10 people under 24 already have, according to polls. In 2020, people in the US spent $4.6 billion on such products. Next year, that could balloon to more than $20 billion. In the UK, the CBD market was valued at £690 million in 2021.


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How I lost Weight, Sleeping Pills, Marihuana, Best Exercise, CBD, Best Supplements, etc., etc. 

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